Chris Clugston Street Fighting

Chris Clugston"All Your Fancy Fighting Skills
Won't Earn You An Extra Second
Against This Devastating
New Natural Streetfighting System!"

Complete Description

Chris Clugston Streetfighting

Why are black belts, boxers, Ju Jitsu wrestlers and especially those silly macho "military" guys who claim to be so tough scared to death when faced with these amazingly simple new fighting secrets?

Well, let me tell you something. You need to hear this: Almost all those super-hyped fighting systems are

Pure Over-Rated Garbage!

Real fighting especially the vicious, no-rules attacks and fights you're very likely to see in the street has changed forever! Almost everything you know is obsolete, and I don't care how long you've been training or who you've trained with.

Worse if you are ever forced to actually use anything you've learned and if you're like 99% of the guys out there trying to put together a few "guaranteed" skills to protect yourself and your family you will likely get hurt if you attempt to use any fancy stuff against an experienced streetfighter or mugger.

Every fighting system seen is just too complicated to master in a reasonable time (and they're just lying to you if they say different)! Those military guys are the worst too anyone who knows the SEALS and Army "elite" special forces work knows these soldiers use weapons to fight with NOT their hands ! Hand-to-hand streetfighting is the least important skill they need or seek and they learn a few "basic" hand-to-hand skills almost as an afterthought !

The truth is, when these "elite" soldiers are pitted against an experienced, world-class streetfighter

They Lose!

Let me tell you a very short story that may be the most important one you ever hear in your life: Just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, there's a beat-up warehouse where certain "unusual" types of people like to gather. If you're a stranger out here, you're not just unwelcome

You're Meat!

And it's very easy to tell if you're not one of the "in" group: These guys shave their heads and tattoo swastikas on their scalp. They're permanently pumped with a steroid-and-amphetamine rage. They wear jack boots, carry chains, knives and baseball bats and they never, ever fight fair. All fights are three, four, or a dozen to one.

They're Skinhead Neo-Nazi's probably the most vicious and dangerous punks roaming America. (Compared with Skinheads, an inner-city Compton gang of Crips or Bloods look almost like Boy Scouts.) Skinheads never need a reason for violence just being alone and close enough to jump will make you an instant victim .

These Sick Jerks Actually Enjoy Hurting
And Humiliating People!

Anyway, on this particular night an ordinary-looking man named Chris Clugston made the mistake of driving out to this isolated warehouse. He thought he was going to see a band play music, maybe find a nice girl to dance with, have some fun on a hot summer night. He didn't have much money on him after paying the "cover" to get inside and ordering a beer, all he had left was one little nickel in his pocket. Remember that a single nickel. Not even enough to leave as a tip at the makeshift bar.

Chris didn't know what to make of all the skinheads giving him the "evil eye". He thought they just had really bad haircuts and silly taste in clothes. He felt no fear in fact, as he passed a table of them, he reached out and good-naturedly rubbed one of them on the scalp. "Nice haircut, fella," he said.

Three skinheads stood up and quickly cornered him. The band played on.

Now, you have to get this scene right to understand the importance of what happened next: The smallest of the three Skinheads coming at Chris was his same size; the others were taller, more muscular, heavier. They were reaching for objects in their pockets (it was too dark to see clearly) smiling with relish for the stomping they expected to hand out. No one in the warehouse had the slightest urge to help or stop the fight. There was nowhere for Chris to escape.

In less than a second, he suddenly realized he was about to be jumped by three experienced streetfighters and if he didn't do something right NOW

His Life Wasn't Worth Much More
Than That Nickel In His Pocket!

Well, what would you have done? You know, in your heart, you run the risk every day of being in the same situation cornered by punks who want to do you (and your family, too, if they're nearby) serious harm! It's not even connected to robbery anymore they don't want your nickel, they want the thrill of stomping your face into hamburger.

It could be in a parking lot downtown, in a movie theatre, outside your local Seven-Eleven

Or In The Cool Darkness Of Your Own Bedroom,
Late At Night!

Have you seriously thought about what will happen to you during real-life crunch time where your life (and that of your loved ones) aren't worth a plugged nickel?

Back in that lonely Tulsa warehouse, Chris didn't have time to think. He didn't need to in a blink, he turned that nasty situation around 180 degrees and those three Skinheads, even though they were poised and ready to attack, found themselves suddenly thrust into a world of pain and confusion. But Chris didn't use anything that even remotely resembles karate, or Judo, or Tai Kwan Do, or even boxing or wrestling. No. Instead

Chris Did Something
These Experienced Fighters Had Never Seen Before
And Hope They Never See Again!

There were other Skinheads in that old warehouse that night but they didn't bother Chris! Not after they saw what he did (with an absolutely chilling calm and sense of confidence) to those three streetfighters who cornered him! There was something in his eyes something the first 3 punks missed in the dim light that now warned the rest of them away.

The fight didn't take three seconds because while two of the Skinheads went down hard immediately, the third broke and ran, and Chris couldn't catch him! These guys have been spotted around Tulsa occasionally since then, and they're still "jumpy". There isn't a flicker of that punk fire left in their eyes. Even the guy that got away (thanks to his reflexes of sheer, pants-wetting FEAR) won't go near anyone who even vaguely looks like Chris anymore.

The people who saw what Chris Clugston did that night all report the same thing: It was like nothing they'd seen before the quick moves looked too easy and simple to have actually worked

And Yet The Results Were Instant
And Devastating Beyond Belief!

What Chris (the most normal-looking and likable guy you'll ever meet) used is the strangest fighting technique imaginable unlike anything you have ever seen before and yet (for guys like you and me) it is absolutely the most ruthless and effective fighting style ever devised!

  • Hard-core street fighters end up being bullied by people half their size using this system!
  • Trained boxers can't land a punch!
  • Wrestlers the size of Jabba the Hut get tossed into walls like puppies by women!
  • Karate black-belts never get a chance to strike and any defensive move they make only gets them hurt more seriously!
  • Even the highest-level "elite" training in the U.S. military won't help a soldier last beyond a few seconds in hand-to-hand combat against this new, utterly- unique fighting system!
We'd never, never want to feel what it's like to be on the other end of this amazing stuff! Nevertheless, once you see how it's done, you'll see that this new fighting system is:
  • Incredibly easy to master in short time! (People who have only been shown these moves and never actually done them have nevertheless had tremendous success in "crunch time" with devastating results for their attackers!)
  • So simple you can actually "learn it and forget it" and yet it will be there for you whenever you need it! (There are only 6 components to the entire system less to remember than most karate schools have for one fancy kick! ) In fact, you can learn more intense fighting skills in one short hour than you'd learn in a month of "formal" martial arts!
  • And yet these fighting secrets require no special strength, speed or coordination to get started! ( Everything you need, Chris can teach you in about the time it takes to eat a big meal!)

I knew this was something you'd want to know about right away. This new system Chris calls it "Combat JKD" is nothing like those complicated "official" fighting systems you know, the kind of "altered self-defense" used by guys in uniforms (who do all their fighting with automatic weapons in desert battlegrounds and jungles, and almost never hand-to-hand on pavement or on a porch or from inside a car where you'll be needing the best skills you can get!). No. This is a completely different way of fighting in the street , where you'll likely be if you ever need help.

I think what Chris has is just perfect for guys like you and me. Perfect because you don't need to train much you can use what you learn immediately and (because it's so incredibly simple)

You Will Face Any "Situation" With A Steel-Eyed Calm, Confidence You've Never Experienced Before!

In fact, this "Combat JKD" Chris teaches is so different that the results of real encounters we've discovered by his students (so far he's only taught about two dozen people) are almost too amazing to be real. For example:

  • A young man named Mike Farrell (who maybe weighs 160 pounds soaking wet) begged Chris to teach him his fighting secrets after Mike was jumped and beaten senseless by a gang of 20 black guys in a Denny's parking lot. Mike wasn't what you'd call a "good student" but he learned enough so that, when a 230-lb. truck driver tried to take him down, Mike instinctively reacted with a single, indefensible move that sent the monster flying (literally, feet, body, hands off the ground!) backwards and into a steel door. People inside later said it sounded like a canon going off. There was no need for any other action one quick move and the "fight" was over. "Hey," Mike told me, "this stuff really works!"
  • A bouncer called "C.C." in a Mid-West bar was pushed outside by 3 drunks who didn't like being told to quiet down. Ordinarily, even an experienced bouncer would have had trouble in that situation, but in this case C.C. mangled the first drunk so quickly, and with such off-hand viciousness and authority, that the other two ran off. (A lot of would-be fighters run when faced with the terrible certainty of Chris's new fighting methods!)
  • Recently, at a local "hip" hangout, a couple of steroid-pumped fraternity boys decided that because they were young, privileged and beefy and this one scraggly-looking guy wasn't, he deserved to be beat up. Wrong the frat boys picked on one of Chris's students and now they don't talk so loud anymore, don't strut like roosters. Two jerks, two simple moves (that didn't look like much, and certainly didn't cause Chris's student to break a sweat) equals one fight over within a couple of seconds!
  • Perhaps more relevant, however, than all the stories I could tell you is this : When Chris recently trained alongside a group of U.S. military Special Forces soldiers I can't use their names (security reasons), but they represented the top schools of the Army, Navy he received the highest compliment ever paid to a civilian by these soldiers. One of the super-elite "18-Zulu" Group sergeants took the others aside (after watching Chris train for a bit) and told these top soldiers to never, ever mess with this guy because

All Their Fancy Hand-To-Hand Combat Training
Wouldn't Earn Them An Extra Second
In A Real Fight With Chris!

I know what you're thinking if this "Combat JKD" is so great

Why Is It Still Such An Astonishing Secret !

The answer's easy. It's not secret this new fighting system simply did not exist until a few short years ago and the few people who do know about it are in no hurry to share their unique, viciously-effective secrets!

Chris Clugston as far as I know is the ONLY man in the world who was in a position to take modern fighting methods and create new "twists" to them that are so innovative so amazingly natural (you'll never feel awkward or have trouble learning any of it) and so instantly devastating that what he wound up with is an entirely NEW way to fight. None of his methods would be allowed in the boxing ring, or in a karate match, or in any kind of fight

Where The "Rules" Say You Must
At Least Give The Other Guy
A Chance To Hit You Back!

This is the most honestly brutal, bam - BAM -and-you're- done kind of fighting you could ever imagine and the best part is, it's especially easy for "non-fighting" types of people to master quickly!

That's because Chris Clugston spent a lifetime searching where no one thought to look for the simplest fighting secrets of the world. Here's the story:

  • Streetfighting has been his overriding passion since he was 12 years old. (He earned black belts in 5 different martial arts before he was 20!) He even learned 7 languages so he could travel the world and uncover new styles of fighting and techniques that hadn't reached the U.S. yet!
  • In East Germany, he worked his way inside the most elite scientific-research organizations in the world. The Soviets have training systems for hand-to-hand combat that are light-years ahead of us with amazing techniques
  • That Actually "Imprint" Brutally-Effective Fighting Skills Directly Into Your Nervous System!

  • It's like loading a computer with raw data so, without conscious effort, you can "download" amazingly advanced skills straight into your body's muscles and nerves in an incredibly short time!) The result is a shortcut in your "learning curve" which means you can learn in hours what others need years to master!
  • Chris fought professionally for over 8 years ( twice as long the average pro) becoming one of the world's most accomplished fighters! (He was Number One World Rated in Shoot Boxing for 1991-1992 American Kickboxing Colorado Champ for 2 years as well as Maximum Total Light Heavy Champ, despite fighting in a higher weight class!)

He also won over 50 vicious, no-rules streetfights during this time. This is how he realized how stupid it is to master any martial art style that has rules (no kicking in boxing, no strangling in wrestling, no head-punches in karate and ridiculous time-limits in all of them!). The real world of streetfighting has no rules! Even the most brutal-looking "official" fighting systems can actually get you killed in the street and the "confidence" you get from years of dedication to any formal training

Is A Total Sham!

And then, about a decade ago, Chris was invited to "try out" with perhaps the most secretive group of people in the U.S. a small, almost fanatical "fringe" bunch of fighters who had developed a combat-oriented system that emphasized simple moves and brutally-quick endings to every fight. (This is about as far from "sport" fighting as you can get!) No one gets into this "secret society" without a personal invitation and the initiation rites are too astonishing to even talk about here.

Nevertheless, this "over-the-top" fighting style
was what Chris had been searching for!

But because of his travels his Soviet training and all his professional insights plus all the "official" martial art know-how he had Chris brought something NEW to the table that even these hyper-secret fighters didn't understand.

What Chris discovered was this: Even the most cutting-edge fighting styles (like the ones used by the military) were still shackled with moves based on centuries-old situations involving fencing, stick-fighting and ritualized combat! These systems, though seemingly "modernized", still use only about 75% of your maximum fighting ability!

So he really had no choice. He was forced to create an entirely NEW fighting system one that took the simplest moves of the best styles and "blended" them with the scientific insights of the last few years to make

A Natural, Utterly- Simple Fighting System
That Can Defeat Any Other Fighter Instantly!

Of course, using this new system is not going to make you any friends. Everyone, it seems, hates Chris martial artists hate him because he shows their formality up as total . boxers and wrestlers hate him because all their neat skills vanish before the onslaught his new style throws at them the military guys hate him because they're embarrassed that a civilian "aced them out" on the advanced Soviet fighting technology and other streetfighters hate him because they can't strut their stuff around him.

No one argues with Chris anymore. Not elite military soldiers not thick, muscled boxers not murderous street-gang fighters. Because Chris doesn't like to "talk", he likes to "walk". He only has one thing to say to anyone who challenges him:

"Let's Go Outside And Fight Right Now!"

And, for the last few years, no one's had the guts to do that. He has an OPEN CHALLENGE out to anyone who thinks they've got a better system. Come on out and scrap with me, he says. They refuse. Chris Clugston's "Combat JKD" has changed streetfighting forever.

You will understand why when you see for yourself just what this amazing new system is all about. It's the chance of a lifetime for anyone interested in learning fighting skills that immediately "catapult" you in the highest levels of the fighting world, practically overnight!

This is what's in it for you: Chris has instructed me to give you an opportunity no one else in the United States will be offered, ever: He wants you to see his new "Combat JKD" system in action in a complete, "uncensored" form that the rest of the world will never even hear about learn the basic (simple) moves yourself see how it "fits" on you, and if you like it and do it all without having to risk a nickel of your own money!

He's doing this because, finally, he's fed up with all the "hype" and hysteria out there about the "military-oriented" fighting systems now flooding the market. He knows his new stuff will make those Navy and Army-sponsored systems look silly with less fuss, less learning time, and more power than anyone would believe. He wants to show you so there will be no doubt in your mind whatsoever that "Combat JKD" has changed fighting forever. And all the secrets of it can all be yours as soon as you want it!

Here's how it works: A few weeks ago, Chris submitted himself to a grueling week-long video session, where he revealed on tape all the most closely-held secrets of his new fighting system. It's the best I've ever seen.

Now, the company that produced the tape ahs been producing self-defense tapes for several years now including ones by the guys who train the U.S. Navy SEALS, Army RANGERS, big-city police SWAT teams, and even agents in the FBI and CIA. I've used the same film crew for most of these videos. They've seen the BEST but they were totally unprepared for what Chris had to show them. The camera crew couldn't get enough. (They even stayed after-hours without pay just to get a few personal tips from Chris!) We've never seen such intense interest by jaded, "seen that, done that" cameramen and sound guys before!

Most of the crew were NOT avid karate or self-defense fans themselves but when they saw Chris in action they all told me, at the same time

This Was, Finally, The Simple Yet Utterly Effective
"Lazy Man's" Answer For 100% Self-Defense
They'd Been Looking For!

They saw as you will, too that what Chris teaches can be mastered in the shortest time humanly possible and yet obviously has exactly the kind of vicious fight-ending skills a "normal" man could ever hope for.

You'll see what we're talking about. Even if you only "scan" these videos once, you'll be changed forever! There are nearly 4 hours of tape here, on two power-packed video cassettes. It's information that was completely unavailable just a few weeks ago, to anyone except the few "insiders" who knew Chris personally. Yet, with the advantages of slow-motion, rewinding and multiple camera angles (a state-of-the-art recording studio down in San Diego was used) you actually get a better and more complete education, in a shorter time, than any of Chris's personal students!

You'll get it cheaper, too. Chris only takes a few students on every year, and they pay outrageous fees to get their personal education in "Combat JKD". It's an enormous risk, financially, for him to offer his secrets so inexpensively to you but, frankly, he's so angry at all the bogus fighting information out there, he doesn't care about his high fees anymore. This is now a matter of pride as a man, you can easily understand where Chris is coming from.

Look here's just a "taste" of what you're about to learn:

  • Why you should never use your fist in a real street fight! (Even trained fighters make this crucial mistake and risk serious injury that's 100% avoidable!) There's a better way to do more damage, quicker , with no risk of hurting yourself at all!
  • A "lazy man's" training technique that's so simple, you can master devastating moves while watching TV.!
  • How to "expand" your 5 senses so you see everything happening around you, all the time it's like having eyes in the back of your head! (This trick can save you enormous amounts of danger and trouble and make you virtually undefeatable in any head-to-head fight!)
  • Secret "2-minute" training techniques (that's all it takes!) that are guaranteed to make you look ridiculous but which will pump up your fighting ability (and confidence) 1,000% almost overnight!
  • New (and simple ) exercises that actually install animal quickness and viciousness directly into your muscles and nerves leaving it locked there until you need to spring it loose! (Go from calm to frightening in a split second, whenever you choose or whenever you're threatened!)
  • The "energy conservation" rules of fighting almost every street fighter breaks leaving you a devastating opening 10 seconds into any fight no one else will see!
  • How to use the "two second" stalking test to see how trained your opponent is and what he's trained in! (Crucial information to end the fight when you choose!)
  • The hyper-advanced new fighting stance that negates all others putting you in a position to keep boxers, wrestlers, and even the dirtiest fighters on the planet off-balance until you decide to strike! (They'll never get "settled" enough to hit you!)
  • How to never again feel uncontrollable emotion (or even sweaty palms) in a tight situation and how to channel all your adrenaline into purposeful energy that will charge you up like a bomb !
  • Why your best fighting moves will come completely naturally forget all that martial art nonsense about needing to train for years to do complicated moves! (The best fighters in the world use only a few simple moves and routinely knock around karate dudes like they were children!)
  • What to watch when you're eight feet apart (it's NOT his eyes a terrible mistake most fighters make that gets them hurt) and what to watch inside the two feet "crunch time" zone to keep you a precious step ahead of even superbly-trained fighters!
  • The number one "Dirty Trick" of fighters who want to decisively end a fight as soon as possible!
  • A ridiculously-simple two-finger takedown that will instantly bring any opponent, of any size and weight, to his knees!
  • Leverage secrets (known only by students of Clugston's) that multiply every pound of your weight ten times , giving you "Godzilla" advantages against even a much-heavier opponent!
  • How to correctly use the "scissor choke" which 99 of 100 fighters do so incorrectly it actually puts them at risk (instead of providing the fight-ending certainty you can have doing it right!)
  • A 1,000-year-old move (which all but a handful of martial artists never learn about) that will end the fight instantly once you get to the ground even faster than the most famous ju-jitsu move!
  • How to handle worst-case scenarios: when you're surprised, caught in completely undesirable places, out numbered and worse!
  • How to easily and effectively destroy your opponent's "wheels" and why the standard karate knee kicks are doomed to fail 7 of 8 times (leaving you exposed and ready to go down)! Chris's understanding of "knee take down" fighting is unsurpassed by any other fighter on the planet and he can show you how to never be without this fight-ending "out"!
  • Instant arm-locks that disable your opponent and let you decide what's next! (Including how to master the most painful and effective arm lock a human can suffer!)
  • The secret of correct head butts it's not what you've seen the military guys doing! (If you ever use the wrong method, you'll split your head open proof most of those military guys have never been in a real hand-to-handfight!)
  • The one take-down move you will have open to you every time a attacker strikes so simple, so easy to remember, it's like walking around with a cocked and loaded gun!
  • The "can't lose" kick that does incredible damage even when you miss completely! (One of many "fail safe" moves Chris teaches!)
  • Head-on moves that will separate you from the boys in the first second of the fight! (And send even the craziest attacker running !)
  • How an untrained fighter tips himself off!
  • Your single best "one answer" move in any confrontation if you never learn anything else from Chris, this move will assure you survive almost any one-on-one fight you get into even with trained fighters! ( And it's so simple you don't even have to practice it very much!)

The hyper-advanced fighting skills you learn from Chris have already helped other people just like you in the most dangerous, out-of-control situations you're ever likely to face in the street! You can't walk around in a suit of armor, bristling with guns and knives and hoping you "look" threatening enough to avoid trouble. However, with Chris's help

You Can Have A "Built In" Protection Device
More Powerful Than Guns and Knives

Those who have experienced Chris's training methods report a deep and permanent change in their lives. It's as if Chris has helped install another person inside them a stronger, more vicious and unafraid warrior who won't hesitate a second to eliminate (with all the force necessary) any danger!

This is not like the training terrorists go through, however that turns them into savage beasts that cannot be absorbed back into civilization again. Far from it Chris's training techniques leave you normal and centered (much like a fighting master should be) your same old lovable self

Until The Time You NEED To Unleash
That Brutal Warrior Inside You!

It's not even a conscious process! Imagine having little danger-sensing antennae (like a Geiger counter) inside you that leaps into action even before you consciously understand you are in trouble!

Imagine having the inner peace and confidence to be relaxed anywhere in the world knowing your training and mastery has placed you among the most viciously-effective fighters on the planet if trouble occurs!

You can't buy that kind of confidence for any amount of money

But You CAN Earn It
With Chris's Help!

So how much is Chris's video course going for? It's cheap less than you'd pay for two lousy lessons at the local karate school less than a big meal for two at a fancy restaurant less, even, than a decent pair of cowboy boots! Ask anyone who has trained with Chris they'll tell you how foolish it is to quibble over a few dollars when the result is learning the most effective fighting skills on the planet!


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