Brutal Head Bustin Secrets

Randall BrownNotorious "Death-Metal" Bodyguard
Reveals The Simple Secrets
Defeating Huge... Pumped-Up... "Insane" Attackers
-- Even MULTIPLE Opponents --
No Matter What Your Size or Strength!

Best Part... It's all RISK FREE To You… Plus You'll Get That
Incredible $49 "Gettin' Ripped" Video FREE!

Have you ever been to a "Death Metal" concert?

If not -- that's okay. You'll STILL want to read this letter right away. What I've got to say about the violent "mob mentality" at the heart of one of these concerts has everything to do with protecting yourself and your family. So please read on.

Here's what's happening: Right now I've got a BRAND NEW instructional package that will show you exactly how to instantly END a fight against larger… more aggressive… "up-close" attackers -- (even multiple attackers) — no matter what your size, strength or skill level may be -- guaranteed!

The expert who will teach you these astonishing secrets is Mark Parra. At 44-years-old, he's just 5'8", and maybe 150-pounds soaking wet. Not a big strong young man by any means.

But his size and strength doesn't matter one bit. He's known by "insiders" around the world for his astonishing abilities to take down violent opponents TWICE his size -- even if they're numbed-out on drugs and attack in groups. His skills are nothing less than astonishing and it's why he was…

Hand-Picked To Protect
"Death-Metal" Band Members
From Crazed Fans!

He did this during the now infamous "Megadeth/Pantera" World Tour. If you've never heard of these musical groups don't worry -- let me clue you in.

These groups are two of the most insanely popular "death-metal" bands in the world. And to make matters worse — they toured together. You can imagine the kind of security nightmare that created.

These "metalcore" concerts were literally packed with angry young "mosh-pit monkeys"… violent pasty-faced meth-heads… and out-of-control headbangers whose vicious flailing and slam-dancing are intended to…

Make Sure Everyone
Is Left Battered… Bleeding… Or Worse!

Forget the days of "feeling breezy" with Kenny G. This crowd is nothing less than a dangerous and near riotous mob — notorious for their extreme disregard and violence toward all others. It's no joke.

Take guitar player "Dimebag Darrell" for example. Once a guitar-shredding hero for the death-metal band Pantera — he was attacked and killed while playing onstage in Columbus, Ohio. Three more people were also killed that night -- including the guy who originally attacked Dimebag.

Parra continually fought off drunken, cranked-up, violent fans twice his size as the driving music gradually whipped the crowd from excited… to wild… to out-of-control… and finally into an insane mouth-foaming frenzy. And it's then that band members start crapping their pants — scared that the monster they created could turn and kill them right on stage.

But Parra was NOT chosen for this dangerous assignment because he was "one of them". No. He doesn't wear black lipstick… white face paint… and he sure as hell doesn't have metal pins shoved through his face.

Nope. He's just a regular guy -- who happens to be one of the most accomplished and respected martial artists on the planet. He was personally trained and earned his black belt in Ukidokan Karate by master Benny "The Jet" Urquidez (one of only 18 ever bestowed by Benny)… served as a revered instructor at House of Champions for over 10 years.

This guy's got credentials up the ying-yang — but his gig as personal bodyguard & trainer for Megadeth proved to entire martial arts world that Parra was NOT some "pretty boy" Hollywood store-front martial artist. It was a truly an intense assignment that proved his mettle.

Now I don't want to give you the impression that every single metal-head fan is some dangerous criminal. Not so. Most are just kids doing their own thing -- no matter how bizarre it appears. But in a typical concert of 25,000 fans it's certainly realistic to say that least five hundred to a thousand of them are…

Violent Bad-Seeds
Who Want Nothing More Than To
Inflict Pain and Humiliation.

They gather at the "mosh-pit" in a tangle of bodies then charge straight at the stage. It's a friggin' nightmare. But amazingly, this kind of chaos…

Doesn't Even Make Parra
Break A Sweat.

Hell no. He's cool and calm — knowing that his simple program is "fool-proof". Punks learn quickly not to mess with him or the people he's protecting. Those that try pay quickly -- suddenly finding themselves instantly dominated — on the ground in blinding pain and wishing to God they'd never screwed with that "little guy". Parra works like a machine. Bam-bam, it's over, then onto the next, ending each encounter in seconds. Mind-blowing efficiency.

It's a thing of beauty — but what's truly amazing is that Parra did this EVERY NIGHT — night after night -- for an entire world tour. The band felt absolutely safe with Parra around. It was his job. And if you think about it…

It's YOUR Job Too.

Because protecting yourself and your family is your obligation as a man. Never forget that.

The good new is that now you can have this SAME simple and effective system — and learn it all OVERNIGHT for FREE if you want.

It's an astonishing instructional package I call "Brutal Headbustin' Secrets". Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • Surefire ways to rapid strikes -- even if your attacker is practically ontop you. You'll look like a damn machine gun going off -- without any special physical skills. Kick-ass and rattle some cages with this trick.
  • A nasty little "arm whip" secret that will suddenly expose the "soft underbelly" of your attacker's spine. Finish him in seconds without skipping a beat..
  • The most effective "sub-vocalizing" method to channeling your own FEAR. It's how Parra keeps his head -- even when being charged by an angry mob -- and will allow you to always "keep your cool" in the most dangerous settings.
  • A simple trick to instantly downing a "charging bull" -- one of the most common attack methods from big methed-up fans who want to get up onstage. Parra teaches you how to make this look like child's play.
  • An easy way to snap his collar bone like a brittle twig. I don't care how big and drunk your opponent is -- use this one and he'll be on the ground whimpering in pain -- wishing he'd stayed at home.
  • Astonishingly effective "domination" body language that will instantly diffuse hostile situations against multiple attackers. It's a non-verbal trick that uses "mob mentality" against them — suddenly convincing everyone that you're the "top dog".
  • "Clear away" solutions to the hair pull, wild grabs and snatches -- common with crazed mobs or desperate thugs. Simple and powerful — you've got to see this to believe it.
  • A brutal but effective move to release a rear "bear hug". It's NOT pleasant -- and you'll probably leave permanent damage on him -- but this one gets instant results.
  • A devastating "last resort" move that will force ANY attacker to release you and run for his life. You'll want to hold this one back `til you absolutely need it. It's a "nuclear bomb" move that's brutal, vicious, and mega-effective.

And a LOT more. Simple tips to developing your OWN "check list" to preemptive strikes… the true art of using distance zones… knowing EXACTLY which attacker to deal with first… secrets to re-directing force… and more.

There's also a very cool section on "Improvised Weapons". This is NOT your typical "grab a nearby stick" lesson. It's absolutely unique. You'll discover:

  • Simple techniques to using a tactical knife without permanent injury or death. Stun the hell out of him -- then finish him, or just walk away. The choice is yours.
  • How to use a common water bottle as an extremely effective blunt trauma weapon. Sound bizarre -- but Parra shows you exactly how this everyday item can suddenly take down anyone — of any size.
  • Numerous "wedge" objects that can turn your attacker's fingers into string cheese. Just a slight squeeze and they'll obey your every command.
  • How to turn-on continual pain like flipping a switch. Use simple objects that "dig" into a joints or muscles for painful submission moves that'll instantly have YOU dominating the situation.
  • Pocket objects that can be used as "looseners" to release any lock or hold your opponent can throw at you. He'll NEVER be able hang onto you.
  • And a LOT more. Plus tons of tricks designed to reduce legal hassles, blood exposure as well as formidable blunt-trauma tips to make sure YOU'RE the one who walks away -- (although he may have to go to the hospital).

This "Brutal Headbustin' Secrets" is mega-powerful info. Like I said, it's the SAME system that Parra used on tour every single night — along with a lot more other "dirty tricks" to help you fight and WIN against anyone… anytime.

Look… if this "fool proof" system worked for Parra — day-in and day-out — to protect his clients from crazed "mosh-pit" rowdies and cranked-up violent fans then…

It Will Certainly Work
To Protect Your Family.

At the movie theater… local quick-stop… or at your favorite watering hole — wherever trouble may strike.

Here's how you can get your hands on this now: I have a package of these two DVD's set aside for you here in the office. To get it rush-shipped to you, simply click on the button below:

The package is available two DVD discs. Use your credit card. The purchase price is just $97.

Your package will be rushed out to you immediately.

Money-Back Guarantee.

That's right. Twelve months. If you don't agree that this package is all I say it is -- and MORE — then simply return it and you'll get a full refunded. No questions asked… no hassles either. You'll get no hard feelings from me — no matter what you decide.

But wait… I got something MORE for you. There's also a second DVD I call "Gettin Ripped". It's worth $49 -- but I want to give it to you for FREE.

You'll discover exactly how to get into the most amazing shape of your life while you train. It's not complicated. In fact, there's just one simple piece of equipment you'll need -- and it's NOT expensive.

You'll be astonished at how simply and quickly "Gettin' Ripped" will get your muscles tightened-up while injecting your mind and body with the 5 secrets to throwing jabs… simple footwork tricks for incredible balance… tips to developing devastatingly powerful kicks… the 5 most important training punches… and a lot more. You've NEVER seen anything like this.

These special drills are a mix of Muay Thai… Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… and Karate drills for strength, endurance and quick reflexes. It's the "secret weapon" behind "House Of Champions" top competition fighters.

These free bonuses always go fast -- so even if you're just curious call now. It's all guaranteed, so you've got nothing to lose but everything to gain.

$97.00 each

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