Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power Bank

Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power Bank

The Streetwise Ultimate Auto Power Bank is your perfect travel companion providing you with 14,000 mAh of power when you need it the most! With the included 120 PSI air compressor on hand, you will never have to worry about being stranded with a flat.

There's nothing more stressful than walking out to your car and finding yourself with a dead battery. With this device, you can jump start your car (both gas and diesel engines) up to 20 times on a single charge. Not only is it great for emergencies, but it's also useful for everyday life. The four in one 2.1 USB cable combines the most common adapters, such as LightningTM, 30-pin, Mini & Micro-USB Cables.

It can charge your cell phone up to 4 times, or power a laptop for approximately two hours with the included 8-Piece Universal Charging Adapter Set. Built-in circuit protection guards against over-current, over-voltage, overcharging and short circuits.

The bright LED flashlight can be used to illuminate any situation or to signal for help. It features three separate light modes and is a convenient source of light when inflating a tire or jump starting your car. The Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power Bank conveniently charges in either your home or car and it's contents can be stored in the durable plastic case with carrying handle.


Complete Description

Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power Bank


  • Jump Starter: On 100% battery life the Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power Bank will start jump start a car more than 20 times. This unit has been tested multiple times (on one life cycle) on 700+ CCA batteries
  • Perfect for Both Gas & Diesel Engines: Will work on any gas engine. It will work on both a car diesel and a F350 diesel
  • LED Light: The ultra-bright 86 Lumen LED flashlight has 3 illumination modes: a flashlight for when you are in the dark that last up to 30 hours, a strobe light to attract attention, and in case of an emergency, a SOS signal flash that last up to 90 hours
  • Battery Pack: On 100% battery life it will charge your phone or electronic device about 4 times
  • Rechargeable: Easily recharges in your car or home using the AC/DC home and car charger, so you can be sure to always have it ready when needed!
  • iPhone and Android Compatible: Universal charging device with a large charging capacity of 14,000 mAh. 2.1 USB to Apple Lightning cable, 30-Pin Cable, micro and Mini USB to charge any electronic device including: iPhone, iPad, HTC, Samsung Mobile, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nokia, Blackberry, PSD, PDA, GPS, Digital Cameras, tablet PCs and many other digital devices
  • Laptop Adapters: Includes 8 different laptop chargers to charge you laptop for approximately 2 hours
  • Warranty: One year


  • Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power Bank
  • 120 PSI Air Compressor
  • Three Air Compressor Adapters
  • 8-Piece Universal Charging Adapter Set for PC Laptops
  • AC/DC Household Charger
  • AC/DC Car Charger
  • USB 2.1 to LighningTM Cable, 30-pin, Mini and Micro-USB cable
  • Intelligent Jumper Cables
  • Instructions


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