Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Color Spy Camera

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Introducing the World's Smallest "Truly Wireless" COLOR Spy Camera. Measuring about the size of a dime, concealing this camera is not a problem. The transmitter uses the 2,400MHz "switch + phase" circuitry to GUARANTEE no interference from cordless phones.

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Mini Color Spy CameraWireless 2.4GHz Mini Spy Camera
Powered By A 9-Volt Battery

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Our NEW Color Mini Wireless Spy Camera Package Is Powered By A 9-Volt Battery

Introducing the World's Smallest "Truly Wireless" COLOR Spy Camera. Measuring about the size of a dime, concealing this camera is not a problem. The transmitter uses the 2,400MHz "switch + phase" circuitry to GUARANTEE no interference from cordless phones.

Digital circuitry ensures no lost video from external wireless devices. Range is a minimum of 300 feet through walls. In an open area the transmission range jumps up to 600 feet.

The color sensor is a new generation OmniVision that is very impressive. The best performing color wireless CMOS camera on the market, PERIOD.

Camera Specifications:

  • Color 380 Line OmniVision Sensor @ 2 Lux
  • 600 Foot (line of sight) Range
  • 300 Foot (through walls) Range 
  • Operates on a Single 9 Volt Battery
  • Matching 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver Included
  • Size = 2/3" Cube
  • Field Of View 60 Degrees
  • Pinhole Style Lens
  • NTSC (U.S.A.) Video System

    How Do I Use This Device?

    Operation is SIMPLE. Anyone can use this amazing wireless camera.

  • Simply snap a 9 volt battery onto the camera/transmitter unit
  • Attach The Wireless Receiver To Your VCR or Television

    Covert video surveillance has never been easier. With the ability to use a single 9 volt battery, concealment is no problem. Hide in a plant, a book, a video case, air vent, automobile, the only requirement is to make sure the small pinhole lens is facing the video surveillance target. When properly placed, the wide camera angle will give you a complete view of a normal size room.

    Video Surveillance Camera Remote Monitoring Service
    Use Our Remote Video Monitoring Service with the Mini Color Spy Cam

    NOTE: Only one camera can be in use within a particular area at the same time. All cameras operate on the same frequency which means you cannot have more than one in the same transmission radius.

    Typical Applications For This System:

  • Nanny Camera
  • Residential Surveillance
  • Small Business Surveillance
  • Automobile Security / Back-Up Camera
  • R/C Enthusiast in Airplanes and Helicopters
  • Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  • Great For Any Application Requiring Small Size and Portable Use

    Your Purchase Includes:

  • 1 Full Color Miniature Wireless Video Camera
  • 1 Perfectly Matched 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver
  • 1 Video Cable For Receiver To VCR/TV Hook Up
  • 2 9V Battery Clips for Camera and Receiver
  • Satisfaction of Owning The World's Smallest Color Wireless Camera

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

    Wireless Spy Camera: Mini 2.4GHz Spy Camera Powered By A 9-Volt Battery
    List Price: $189.99
    Web Discount Price: $71.50
    SHIPPING: FREE if order total $100.00 or more! UPS (2 - 6 Day U.S. Delivery)

  • Available Options:
    Digital Video Recorder:
    PC Video Capture:
    Portable Video Recorder:
    Power Adapters:
    Wireless LCD Receiver:


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